B'hob Ceikik

B'hob feels that he is right almost without fail about anything. He KNOWS that gods do not exist (any creature that lives and studies long enough can develop the same abilities). Magic is a crutch used by less fortunates who have no innate mental abilities.






Lawful Good

Magic Items of Note

Githzerai Book of Infinite Knowledge


Bhob is a tall, shaven headed Human.


B'hob grew up in a demiplane created for the purpose of monitoring THE CONCORD, an uneasy truce imposed upon the Illithoids. B'hob Sr. and Jho Beth Ceikik were both powerful psionists who were task with monitoring the truce. B'hob's older brother, Jho B'hob, was his best and only childhood friend.

B'hob began to manifests powers at a very early age. As B'hob's powers continued to increase in his pre-teen years, Jho B'hob started to wonder about whether or not he had any psionic ability. The two boys remained close friends but when B'hob was 15 his younger brother, after obtaining a crystal that masked his location, ran away. B'hob blamed himself and buried himself in developing his psionic powers. After several unpleasent and dangerous manifestations, his parents, who had little time to spare, sent B'hob to a close family friend for training 8 months of each year.

Since the friend was only known by a complex mental sending which cannot be rendered into a name, he will be called Gray. Gray lived in a very strange part of the material plane. Subjective time flowed forward but flesh and blood creatures got younger by varying amounts as time was spent on this plane. Gray didn't really care about this since his life span was measured in millennia. One of the first things Gray taught B'hob was how to shield his mind so that it was not affected by the retrograde aging. Do to the time that B'hob spent on this plane he looks to be about 17 years of age, while his younger brother Jho Bhob is 28.

B'hob spent many years on quests always with an eye toward expanding his psionic capabilities and functioning in a lawful/good manner. Once after completing a quest, a psion of relatively low capabilities but with a surprising flair for divination shared a vision of a strange town and a summoning of champions. She told B'hob that this would be a pivotal event in his psionic development. Several years later B'hob was in a medium sized town and overheard some of the more affluent members of the town arguing about who should be conscripted by the king. The town fathers were concerned about the loss to the town. B'hob joined the conversation and offered his services to the town fathers. They were surprised and skeptical. But after B'hob completed several tests, they decided that the town could meet its responsibilities and not have to give up anything.

Thus B'hob became involved with Celonia's affairs.