Gretta Kurchuk



Half Orc




Lawful Good

Magic Items of Note



At 5' 9" Gretta is fairly tall but apears somewhat stocky due to her muscle mass. She has coarse, long brown hair held back with multiple bands. She wears typical monk's clothing.


One cold winter Alexandria, a young woman of good breeding and some status, wandered too far into the woods and became lost. The townspeople searched and were unable to find her. To her luck and misfortune she was found and "rescued" by a band of orcs on a hunting trip. They took her to their clan leader, who took her as a consort as a sign of status. His tribe was in awe of his ability to lay with such a loathsome creature. He enjoyed his new "plaything" and provided for her basic needs. The girl seemed to accept her fate, but searched for a way out nightly.

Finally she escaped and found a trade road. Eventually a group of travelers found her and took her home where she was welcomed back with open arms. Shortly after her return home tragedy struck; she was found to be pregnant. She prayed for a human child from her betrothed and was distraught at the sight of her half-orc daughter.

She called her daughter Gretta and hoped to discourage too close a look at her. She also declared the baby frail and kept her well covered so as no one could see her true form. However, the townspeople knew and snickered about the half-orc bastard, and pitied her mother.

Unable to endure it anymore, one night Alexandria bundled up Gretta and snuck her to the nearest monastery. She knocked at the door and fled, leaving her daughter behind forever with nothing but a note for the monks.

"I will never gain acceptance among my people with her and she will only endure hatred and taunts from them. Please take her in and teach her your ways so that she may be accepted somewhere. She is called Gretta Kurchuck.

The monks shook their heads at such a thing as leaving a six year old on a doorstep and took her in.

For the next two decades Gretta was trained. It was most difficult teaching her large body to do the many training regimens required of her and she grew hostile of always being the odd one.

The monks grew leary over her growing hostility until a sensei from a neighboring monastery came to visit. This man taught odd forms involving extreme grappling and throwing. Gretta's teachers thought she would be well suited for this and introduced her to the new teacher.

Gretta grew to love this new training as it seemed made for her unusual proportions. She trained long and hard and grew to lose much of her hostility.

Eventually the day came where her sensei felt she needed greater challenge and told her to go out and do good things. "Use your new found skills to rid this world of all those who would do harm to innocents."

So Gretta unwillingly left her sensei for the real world. Still leery of those who would shun her for her heritage, she comes across as gruff to the more beautiful companions she crosses. However, she bears no ill will to anyone and thoroughly enjoys any chance she gets to show off her skills to a worthy adversary and often to adversaries too good for herself.