Jho B'hob Ceikik





Monk / Psychic Warrior


Lawful Good

Magic Items of Note

An unusual greatsword




Second son of B'hob Ceikik Sr. and Jho Beth Ceikik. Jho B'hob grew up in a demiplane created for the purpose of monitoring THE CONCORD, an uneasy truce imposed upon the Illithoids. B'hob Sr. and Jho Beth Ceikik were both powerful psionists who were tasked with monitoring the truce. Jho B'hob's older brother, B'hob, was his best and only childhood friend.

At an very early age B'hob began to manifest powers. Jho B'hob eagerly awaited the day that his own powers would emerge. However while B'hobs powers and his ability to use them kept growing, Jho B'hob waited in vain. With his parents heavily involved in monitoring THE CONCORD and B'hob distracted by his emerging powers. Jho B'hob began to feel that he was failing his family. Finally in a fit of despair he stole a crystal that would mask his location from any psionic scrying and left the demiplane. B'hob was heart broken and pushed his powers to dangerous limits to locate his brother. His parents equally heartbroken knew that no attempt to locate Jho B'hob could currently succeed and elected to bury themselves in their work.

Jho B'hob had decided that if he was doomed to be mentally powerless then he would develop his physical skills as far as possible. Given the incentive he soon exceeded all the other novitiate monks and began to rapidly advance. Then one day in the exercise court during defensive exercises his staff became covered with ectoplasm. The other monks didn't know what to make of this and decided to test Jho B'hob. It soon became apparent that he was manifesting powers as a Psychic Warrior. The Monks asked Jho B'hob to leave.

He was more than happy leave and develop his powers. Looking for causes that both were just and taxed his powers to the utmost, he began to gain power and make a name for himself. He was determined to become moderately famous before returning to his parents and younger brother.

Between causes he suddenly received a strong sending from the Githzerai requesting any and all aid against a strong attack by Githyanki and red dragons. Jho B'hob immediately responded and was gaited to the battle. In the midst of the battle two things happened almost simultaneously. The first his sword broke and he used a monkish trick to disarm and capture a Githyanki weapon. The second a strange group of riders appeared and joined the battle. One the riders was his older brother B'hob, who strangely enough looked 10 years younger than Jho B'hob. After an epic battle the two brothers were re-united and vowed to watch each others backs and aid Melianthe.