"Carry strength where good is weak. Bring courage when good retreats"




Cleric / Radiant Servant of Thayan


Lawful Good

Magic Items of Note

A Sunlight Stone that he created.


Kalimar is about 5'10" tall with blond hair and blue eyes.

Rough, rugged, and scarred, he has a commanding presence and magnetic personality that draws many to follow him, even into hell itself.


Kalimar has served for many years as a noble leader of a group of warriors specializing in the combat of undead throughout the land. His mission is to spread the goodness of Thayan and eliminate evil wherever it exists. He tries to spread the word by making himself an example of modesty and charity. When evil cannot be eliminated with many acts of good and must be confronted directly, you'll find him there, ready and willing to do what's necessary. He is a soldier and a healer.

Raised by the temple priests nearly from birth, his parents died in the line of duty, defending the land from a near-plague of undead. As part of their last wishes he was not told of this until after he decided to accept a life of service to Thayan. Once he learned this, he has devoted himself to the destruction of evil in its many forms, especially that of the undead.