Meio Urso



Human / Werebear


Psychic Warior


Lawful Good

Magic Items of Note



He stands tall, and covered with hair. It wouldn't take much more height or hair to mistake him for a yeti. He walks somewhat stooped over, though still confident in his swagger. There is intelligence in his eyes but an almost feral glint to his eyes possibly indicating a hidden taste for the wilder side of the world.


Meio was born and raised in Vale's Edge. Hundreds of years ago an evil presence began to take shape in the area. The increased presence of evil drew the attention of a small faction of lycanthropes called "Irmãos". Irmãos sent a small faction of werebears to the area to investigate. At the heart of the trouble was a new cult surrounding "The Demon God" building a new temple in the area, known simply as "The Fane".

Irmãos was a small faction spread thin and couldn't support a full insurrection against The Fane. Instead the faction sent to investigate set up a new "outpost". Though they did not make their presence known in the town, the new outpost served as guardians to the best of their abilities. They could not destroy the evil, but they did what they could to keep it at bay. After a time and through unclear circumstances, The Fane was destroyed, but Irmãos decided to keep their outpost in the area "just in case".

So it came to be that a young werebear named Meio was born to a loving family. The only child of Mãe and Pai Urso, Meio was only just beginning his training when the odd happenings began. Friends were leaving town but never returning. When reports began to filter back to his parents, they set out to investigate. Though Meio was eager to help, his training was still too early; he would be more hinderance than help.

His parents missing for quite some time, Meio decided they were in trouble and set out to help, though he wasn't sure how. Fortunately for him he encountered an elite unit of the King's soldiers who welcomed him into their group. Now under the guidance of the group (especially Kalimar and Jho B'hob) and with the goal of rescuing his parents, Meio has blossomed into a powerful warrior. Though not as impressive yet as the group he travels with, he has certainly developed rapidly.

Though growing more concerned with the delay in helping his parents, he gets better each day, and hopefully can convince the party to help his parents. The sad thing is it would be easy if everyone would just quit trying to destroy the world!