Melianthe Analin

Lead by example. If you strive to always be at your best it gives those under you the push they need to be at their best, yet without feeling your hand on their back.




Paladin of Muir


Lawful Good

Magic Items of Note



Melianthe is 5'4" tall, with a slight build that belies her real strength. She has light blonde hair cut to her shoulders, alabaster skin, and blue eyes so pale they are almost colorless. She is always seen in half-plate, a helm made of a strange black metal, and a black cloak. She carries a bastard sword and rides a huge midnight black steed, Celestine.


Melianthe is the oldest daughter of Gorin Analin, the Captain of the King's Guard, and Liliana Analin, the King's High Priestess (and sister). She has three younger siblings: her sister, Serena, and her brothers, Jerick and Ansirus.

Rumor has it that she is meant to fulfill some important role in Celonia's history, but the royal family is very evasive on this subject. It is possible that the rumors were started because of how early she began her training. Normally a noble child begins training around age 8, sooner if they show a strong talent emerging. Melianthe was learning to ride ponies as soon as she could walk, and her father had her first miniature lance and sword made for her fifth birthday. Most of her life has been combat, tactics, and etiquette. She was always told she would "be somebody important" but no one ever elaborated.

The only 'normal' area of her childhood was her relationship with her siblings. She and Serena are especially close; they often seem to communicate on a level no one else understands. Melianthe is very protective of all three of the younger Analin children. Her brothers are both married and lead fairly settled lives at the castle, but she worries over Serena almost constantly.

Despite often finding her unit frustrating in their lack of respect for authority, Melianthe holds them in high esteem. She is a private person, though, and there is much about her that is unknown even to those she risks her life with every day. She feels that knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and it is her job to protect those in her command as long as she has the power to do so.