Serena Analin

Don't ever seem to take anything too seriously. No one will see you as a threat if you appear unconcerned about everyone and everything. That's when you have them where you want them.






Chaotic Good

Magic Items of Note



Serena stands at 5'10", with a rather voluptuous build. Her long dark hair falls in soft ringlets all the way to her waist, and her deep green eyes are uncannily piercing. People often feel as though she can look right through them, even when she is not manifesting any powers. She is extremely fond of dressing to flatter her best attributes, and tends to wear ample amounts of purple, the color of royalty.


As the second Analin child, Serena grew up admiring and often pitying her older sister. While Melianthe seemed content with a structured life, Serena was always restless. This was fine before she started to show psionic capabilities. The best tutors were brought in, but Serena was indifferent to her studies. As her powers began to exceed her discipline, she became a danger to those around her. A near tragedy brought her around to how important it was to have control over great power. She and Melianthe were playing when something caused Serena's temper to flare. With it came a powerful burst of Whitefire that engulfed her sister. She didn't know how she had done it, and was immediately crestfallen.

It was a slow recovery for both girls. Serena became fastidious about her studies, but refused to develop any powers in the areas of Metacreativity or Psychokenesis. She found that she was especially strong Telepathically, so her studies focused on information gathering. She finally felt like she could be of some importance to the kingdom.

Her restlessness did not go away, however, and she was involved in several indelicate incidents with prospective suitors. She rejected every potential mate, but not always right away. Her parents finally decided that she needed to train somewhere where she wouldn't be distracted and sent her to the Githzerai monastery. She spent several years training with the monks with occasional visits back to the castle. Finally, her restlessness got a hold of her again and she joined her sister's unit to see what experiences she could have.