Gith Wars

As you travel through the hills that lead to the monastery, you hear faint yet familiar sounds. When you are nearly at your destination, you realize that a battle is taking place over the hill. You can hear the cries of the combatants and the clank of their weapons. A huge ball of fire erupts into your field of vision. At first, it seems to be the effect of a powerful wizard's spell, but then you see the unthinkable. A giant, red, reptilian creature appears in the sky. It utters an ear splitting screech before it dives back down below the crest of the hill. Shrill cries of agony coincide with its descent. For a few, your arrival will be too late.

As you crest the hill, you see a great battle where a contingent of tall, gaunt, yellow-skinned men are laying siege to a castle. There are demons in the background commanding the troops.  The residents of the castle are fighting back with hot oil, arrows and ballistae, and magic. B'hob also detects an overwhelming presence of psionics. The dragon is nowhere to be seen. You do, however, see the same exquisitely dressed man you had encountered in the tavern. He is in conversation with several demons when he looks up and sees your party. He then smirks, turns around, and walks casually into the woods where he disappears. You also notice several blue goblinoid beings stripping the bodies of the fallen and putting their possessions in large piles on the edge of the battlefield. No one seems to pay the slightest bit of attention to them, and they are pilfering equally from both sides.

Suddenly, you hear an ear splitting screech and see the dragon rise above the walls of the monastery. He flies over it and lands to engage a group in battle. Several of the small, blue goblins scramble to get away from his landing area. One of them trips and is crushed under the dragon's clawed foot. Even at a distance, you can see the ichor oozing between his toes.

Melianthe yells "charge" and spurs her mount towards the battlefield.

The party is engaging in one battle of a long war between two races, the Githzerai and the Githyanki.