The Good NPCs

These are the people that the party has encountered in positive situations. Some of them they trust, some they aren't sure about. They like all of them.

Sargen and Terjon


Gorin and Liliana Analin

Jeremiah Tansden


The following characters were PCs that are currently NPC because their players either changed characters or are not able to play anymore.

Ashmar (Half-dragon Monk)

Thonalyn Amastacia (Elf Druid)

Corlin (Centaur Bard/Ranger/Arcane Archer)

Angor (Human Fighter/Sorcerer/Spellsword)

Fubar (Human Sorcerer)

Quirk(Gnome Rogue)

Kurtulmak (Kobold Sorcerer)

Whitefire (Elven Sorcerer)

Bigby Fallowfoot (Rogue/Wizard)