New Feats

These are feats from sources not in the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, or Class Expansion Books (ie. Tome and Blood)




Continual Power

Creature Capacitor

Sequester Power

Transcend Limits


You can manifest a power that repeats its effect each round while you maintain concentration.

Prerequisites: Any other metapsionic feat

Benefit: You can use this feat on any power that specifies a single target, has a range greater than touch, and deals damage- powers that do not deal damage, or powers that deal damage only as a side effect (such as disintegrate) cannot be used with this feat. When you use this feat on a power, the damage dice of the power equals its standard value minus two dice. However, for every round you can maintain concentration, you manifest the power at your foe (or a new foe in range) again, without any additional power point cost. The power's saving throw and power resistance requirements, if any, are resolved normally each round. You can maintain concentration for a maximum number of rounds equal to your manifester level. If you break concentration, or are forced to break concentration (see rules for Concentration in the Player's Handbook), the power also ends. A continued power costs a number of power points equal to its standard cost + 4. If used with a scaled power (per the Power Scaling variant rule later in this chapter), the power is scaled only on the first round of manifestation.


You can store part of your daily unused power points per day.

Prerequisites: Inner Strength

Benefit: You can store additional power points in your own body, treating yourself in some ways as a crystal capacitor. Unlike a standard crystal capacitor, you can store a number of power points equal to your effective manifester level. All other rules for using a crystal capacitor apply. For instance, an 11th-level psion can store up to 11 power points, while a 4th-level psion could store only 4.


You get additional power points per day for every power you sequester.

Prerequisites: Inner Strength, manifester level 3rd+

Benefit: After each day's period of rest and concentration required to recharge your power points, you can also choose to sequester one or more powers you know. When you sequester a power, you lose the use of it for the day. At the same time, you gain a bonus to your power point total for the day equal to the power point cost of the power(s) you sequestered. Sequestered powers automatically return at the beginning of the following day, at which time you can choose to sequester the same, different, or no powers. You cannot choose to sequester a power if it is the only power of your discipline that you know for a given level. You cannot choose to sequester so many powers that your new power point total would exceed your normal power point total by more than 50 percent.


You can boost your powers beyond their normal limits with metapsionic feats.

Prerequisites: Manifester level 3rd+

Benefit: When altering a power with metapsionic feats, you can spend a number of power points equal to your manifester level plus 1.

Normal: When using metapsionic feats on a power, you can normally only spend a number of power points equal to your manifester level minus one.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time it increases by 2 the number of power points you can spend on a power altered by metapsionic feats.