Item Images

(From The Book of Eldritch Might by Monte Cook)

An Item image is a tattoo inscribed on you your flesh in the presence of a magic item that weighs no more than you can carry. This process takes eight hours and costs 1/10 the market value of the magic item in gold pieces.   Once the tattoo is finished, the character can magically store the item within the image, and can call it forth again as a free action. While stored, the item remains in unchanging stasis, magically shrunk down so small that it cannot be felt. The Item Image tattoo is permanent; there is no limit to the number of times a character can call forth and re-store the magic item.

The tattooed image is often inscribed on the character's hand or arm, its design flowing seamlessly from the flesh to the item being held. For instance, the image to store a +2 trident might resemble waves that flow down the character's arm in lines that mirror the curves of the weapon's shaft. Often the tattoo changes when the item comes out of its magical storage; in the previous example, the trident might appear beneath the waves while it is stored, disappearing from the image as it is called forth.

Further, that character with the keyed image enjoys one of the following benefits while using that specific item (chosen at the time the image is inscribed):

+1 damage if the item is a weapon (stacks with all other bonuses),

+2 saving throw DC, if the item requires opponents to make a save,

+2 caster level,

Item inflicts 1d6 points of fire damage upon any-one who attempts to use it, other than the tattooed character