Sunlight Stones

Sunlight stones are extremely rare. Until recently only 3 were known to exist within Celonia. Legends state that these 3 sunlight stones were created by an avatar of Thayan. They can only be created by clerics of Thayan, and even then only by the most powerful of those clerics. The details regarding the creation of these sunlight stones have only recently been uncovered in the city of Corothane.

The sunlight stone glows perpetually with light that has the quality and consistency of natural sunlight. When it is brought out into the open, all physical creatures and objects within 30 ft. are illuminated as if in broad daylight (opaque objects such as clothing or wall block its illumination). All undead afflicted by sunlight powerlessness immediately suffer the negative effects of this special quality if caught within the sunlight stone's area of effect.

In the hands of a Cleric or Paladin, the sunlight stone offers a +2 sacred bonus to all Turn (but not Rebuke) attempts.