"The Hand of Virnok"

Turunt is one of the seven legendary blades of Melimpor. It was given to Virnok, one of his captains, to assist him in his duties hunting down and destroying Illithids. Its appearance is well documented, but little is known about the sword itself, or its powers. Twinkling white lights surround this greatsword, which was created on the Astral Plane, and it was often seen to glow with a deep blue light. Turunt appears normal while not in use, however when drawn in melee, the blade transforms into a column of silvery liquid. Virnok always carried the sword in hand and was rarely seen with it in his custom made scabbard (made from real mind flayer! Accept no imitations!) Because of this habit, many of the Githyanki referred to the sword as "The Hand of Virnok."

Turant was lost along with Virnok and his equipment about a century and a half ago, ironically in the Astral Plane.