The Fane Has Fallen

When we last left our intrepid adventures

A newcomer was welcomed into the party,

A good friend left to pursue other goals,

Sparky the Wonder Wizard was not doing anything..for once!

But B'hob was getting a headache anyway

Where will the party go from here?

Will you try to figure out what the "Awakening" is?

Will you get tattoos?

Will there be barbarians with nasty things on their neck?

Will you a see well dressed man in the inn that disappears unexpectedly?

Will another town disappear?

Will there be more of those suspicious red blurs in the night?

Will you figure out what the 2 liches you have met are up to?

Will more demons be summoned?

Will you figure out what to do with the soul shards?

Will the red dragon find you?

The gold one?

Recently heard in a tavern somewhere...

"The royal family is closer to the gods than most people think."

"A new church of Thayan is being constructed."

"The Council of Wrath has been disbanded."

"The Captain of Guard's oldest daughter isn't his."

"There's something odd about the royal family."

"The town of Amomstom has disappeared without a trace."

"The royal family does not have the favor of the gods."

" The Knights of the Middle Circle have ears in every tavern."

"The end is near."

You should not believe everything you hear in a tavern