When Mindflayers attack

Previously in Celonia...

(Darns are from the characters, Damns are from the DM) :)

The group discovered a party was taking place and they weren't even invited! (Darn Wilders!)

B'hob almost had his brain sucked out.  (Darn Mindflayers!)

Serena showed that she was good at something other than flirting (Damn Flirt!)

Gretta encountered a monk that proved to be almost as good as she is and was having a bad day.  (Darn Cursed Dice!)

Gristla showed just how good she is with her axe before getting stunned. (Darn Kureshim) (Damn Axe!)

Meio was un-BEAR-able. (Darn Puns!!!)(Darn DM!!!)

Coming Soon...

"Gee that sucked!  I wonder what's behind the last 2 doors?"
"I specifically said no tentacles!"

"Why the hell is it raining in the desert?!?"

"Wait just a second here!  Why the hell is a Mindflayer working with the Wilders!?!"

Excellent session last time! My handy-dandy encounter level calculator listed that encounter as "Deadly" and recommended the party "Run Away!". Great job. Course that begs the question: "If that wasn't the final encounter for this mission what does the Evil DM have up his sleeve for the future?" *Evil GM Grin*

*Evil GM*