"The Grinning Death"


Arballine was an extraordinarily talented elven archer that lived about 400 years ago. She first started using a bow at the young (in elven terms) age of 35. She quickly became the most talented archer the world had ever seen. She soon found a way to make a good living while pursuing her only love; she became a bounty hunter. It is said that Arballine loved the thrill of the hunt so much that she smiled continuously while hunting her "prey." This is how she became known as "The Grinning Death." She must have enjoyed her notoriety because sometime after earning this ominous nickname she began to use it in an unusual way. She began to carry a number of pieces of thick paper about 4" x 6" with a smiling, cloaked, skeletal figure armed with a scythe pictured on them. If you woke up to find one of these cards near you equipment, or happened across one tacked to a tree, it was often the last thing you ever saw.

Arballine became feared and respected because of her abilities, and many rumors circulated about her. Some people said she worked for the Council of Wrath as a top assassin. Some said anyone could hire her if they could find her, and live. Some even claim she was among the living dead and would not work for anyone but herself.

This last rumor may be true. The last sighting of Arballine was in the company of a group of "death wizards". It is said she was attempting to find a way to live forever so that "the hunt" would never end. In the past an incredibly skilled Ghoulish archer has been seen all over the world. Those who have seen her, and were still around to speculate, often say that she appears to be looking for something, though they do not know what it might be.

As a result of these sightings rumors of "The Grinning Death" have continued. Some say she continues to work for the Council of Wrath. Other claim to have seen her killed outside the capitol city of Celonia. The truth is…unknown.