The Colorless Lodge

The Colorless Lodge is the name of a guild of psionic practitioners who have headquarters in the city of Corothane.They are a guild of psionic individualswho believe that the psionic unity of many providesmore opportunities and greater powers for all who partake. Tothis end, they teach their members many unique powers and feats; those who've completed their prestigious training regimen take the title "Colorless Adept." The Colorless Lodge opens its membership to psionic individuals and remains friendly to nonpsionics who are friendly to it.  Their name refers to certain psionic powers unique to members of its order.

Colorless Adepts value psioniclore and the accumulated psionic powers of all members, sharingknowledge of their powers among each other. Colorless Adepts truly tap the mind's potential because they forge mental pathwaysthat connect one Adept to another, regardless of physical distance.

Psionic characters that take levels in the Colorless Adept prestige class can share knowledge of powers, mind to mind.  In all the multiverse, the hundreds of Colorless Adepts of every levelassure that almost any power is available for the sharing.

The Colorless Lodge is a well-established guild of psionicindividuals. Here, members meditate upon psionics,research new powers, and share known powers.

Membership: Dues are 30 gp per month. A new member must appear physically in the Lodge at least once every six months to accept special commissions handed down by the Lodge elders, if any.

Benefits: Psionic individuals who join the Colorless Lodge may pick up the associated Colorless Adept prestige class. Other benefits include lodging, social contacts, and a chance to be on the forefront of all things psionic.

Leadership: Six Lodge elders are elected by the total membership once every eight years. Adepts can decline elder status if elected; some of the highest-level Colorless Adepts have done so.

Location: The Colorless Lodge has a private demi-plane, created with the genesis power. Members and visitors may access it through a few specially created and guarded Doors from other planes.