The Graven Ones

Tales tell of sorcerers with skin like leather or maybe even like stone. Every inch of these sorcerers skin is covered in tattoos, sigils, runes, and other markings. They have, quite literally, transformed themselves into living magic items. To do so, however, they undergo painful rituals that strengthen their flesh and make them hardier individuals.

The fortress of the graven ones lies about 6 miles from the village of Vale's Edge, through dense coniferous woods. Only a narrow, ill-used trail makes travel through the thick forest possible. The Sigil Hearth is a single, dark-stone keep, with a small courtyard bailey (80 feet square) surrounded by a 15-foot-high stone wall. A slate-shingle roof tops this two-story structure.

This cloistered group of a dozen or so wizards and sorcerers, led by a half-elf woman named Erepoth, specializes in studying symbols, glyphs, and hieroglyphs of all kinds. Their secluded fortress, called the Sigil Hearth, houses a vast library. They are willing to sell potions, scrolls, and magical tattoos.