The Stargazers

As far as anyone knows, this knightly order finds its missions and quests by studying the stars. The Stargazers clearly stand out from other orders because they accept members of all classes. Anyone willing to undertake missions for the Stargazers has a chance to join.

The Stargazers' reputation for being in the right place at the right time draws many to them. Other seek out Stargazers chapters because of the groups reputation for disrupting evil. Stargazers consider those who undertake missions but don't join as part of the Outer Circle. Members of the Outer Circle are simply adventures known to the Stargazers for fighting evil and amenable to the Stargazers' missions. Most members don't realize they belong! Knights of the Middle Circle contact Outer Circle adventurers and offer them missions or quests. Occasionally they will lead such adventures. If anyone asks how the Stargazers decided to undertake a quest, the response is that they observe the movements of the stars in the night sky and interpret those movements. Outer Circle adventurers have no obligations to the Stargazers and may refuse any mission for any reason. The Stargazers accept anyone to the Outer Circle without prejudice against race, class, alignment, or any other characteristic. The Stargazers' quests generally don't appeal to those with evil alignments, though.