Vorm the Unspeakable

Vorm the Unspeakable is the lieutenant of Ochremeshk. It serves the demon lord as an enforcer, an assassin, and - very rarely - a commmander of his demonic forces. Most often, Vorm operates alone, sent on some mission for its dread master. A unique demonic entity, Vorm is an oozelike creature of Abyssal power and essence. It is not at all subtle - Vorm does not steal, tempt, or seduce. Vorm destroys.

Vorm is a vast creature with an amorphous form. It seethes and oozes its way across the blasted terrain of the Abyss, simply rolling over and engulfing foes. It burns its way through obstacles or oozes around them. Its flesh is a horrible purple-gray, and it's eyesburn with green fire. The stench of acid and putrid meat is so strong around it that one's nose and eyes burn to be near it. Its voice is a gutteral, gurgling sound, but it rarely speaks.