The Harran-Tarathan War

Are they STILL fighting?

Who's who

The Tarathanians and the Harranians are said to have once been the same race of minotaurs. Somewhere in their history they split apart and became two distinctly different races. They are distinguished mostly in their beliefs and societies. Each race claims that they can see other differences between the races though most others cannot.

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The Tarathanians and the Harranians have been at war as long as anyone can remember. Neither side is organized enough, or has the physical numbers needed to completely eliminate the other. They currently coexist peacefully in most respects. There are occasional raids and minor skirmishes throughout both kingdoms but no large scale battles. Both sides are trying to prepare themselves for a large battle to occur within the next 2 centuries. Prophecies have told that the winner of the battle will eventually rule all of Lianour.