"You look down at the mist ringed peaks beneath your feet. Birds swoop and dive through the clouds as a stream of water pours out from the cities sewer system. You sigh, your breath misting in the frigid mountain air. Fall is coming and you have no time for daydreaming. After all its not like you could REALLY ever be a hero like in the stories. Or is it?"

Rhoan is a small City-State located high within the Kharnak Mountains. Built in ages long gone many of the city's older buildings consist of graceful arches and winding towers. The city itself consists of several "blocks", each "block" in fact being a part of the city existing on top of a flattened mountain top. Each city "block" is connected by elegant sky-bridges, magical spans of stone and mortar that bridge the crevices between each peak. Some say the city was constructed by Dwarves in the Ancient Ages. Others claim such beauty as the city possesses could only be constructed by the likes of the Elves. The true truth however is unknown.

The city itself was settled by an adventuring party who found the city mysteriously and completely empty several hundred years ago. Since then the city has flourished and prospered attracting many magi to the city as well as tradesmen and craftsmen of many types.

Several blocks compose the city of Rhoan although many are currently uninhabited for various reasons ...

The city itself is currently governed by a council of nine, all direct descendants (or so it is supposed ...) of the original adventures. Many of the council members, however, have of recent come under sway by various organizations that have moved into town recently. In particular at least two council members are known to be in the "pocket" of the Fire Drakes, a guild of magi that have purchased an entire city "block" through their significant material resources. 

The Fire Drake's block is inaccessible by normal means. On the 57th year after Rhoan was "found" the only bridge to it collapsed. As the block not occupied at the time no one gave it much thought after that. What the Fire Drakes do on their block is largely unknown, however, and not just a little suspect to the nearby residents...

In the mists of far off mountains some people claim to be able to see more blocks, still abandoned, lost in the mists.

How many blocks exist out in the mists, beyond the sight of the sharpest eyed citizen? No one is sure. Magic used to divine the nature of the blocks rarely succeeds (a side effect of the magic that keeps the blocks together is the most widely accepted theory on this matter) Further, flight can be very dangerous in and around the mountains. More than one adventurous wizard has lost his life when he mistook a mist shrouded peak for a cloud.