The Fire Drakes

"In the end, EVERYTHING burns..."

The Fire Drakes are probably most known for the way they dress. Members all wear a flowing robe called a "Skyde". The Skyde appears almost as though it is on fire. The flames on the garment seem to move and act much like real flames. The secrets behind how the robes are made are known only to the Fire Drakes. The different ranking members of the guild wear slightly different robes. A red robe with flames on it appears to be what the younger members of the cabal wear. As they advance through the ranks the get a robe that is mostly black. This may represent robe being charred by the flames within. Or perhaps the flames actually do char the robe.

The Fire Drakes are headquartered in the city of Rhoan, a small City-State located high within the Kharnak Mountains. They live on their own "block" that is not accessible without flight or teleportation magic. No one knows if there are wards against the teleportation magic or how the Fire Drakes would react to someone flying over so they are usually left alone while on their "block".

The leader of the Fire Drakes is an Embermage known as Leodak Runehouse. Very little is known about him and his organization since no one has ever left their ranks and they tend not to talk much.