The Royal Family

The Family Tree


Dinadus (old king)-67 and Elayne-62 Kreilun (4 children)

Liliana-43 and Gorin-48 Analin (4 children)

Melianthe Analin-23 f

Serena Analin-22 f

Jerick-21 and Brianna-20 Analin (2 Children)

Chantel-2 f

Garath-infant m

Ansirus-20 and Tanith Analin -19

Oxnar (current king)-40 and Llywellan-34 Kreilun (3 Children)

Arlen -15 m

Thoms-11 m

Lacenor-9 m

Cathloy-36 and Andrella-31 Kreilun (4 children)

Alysan-7 f

Yvette-3 f

Genievre-1 f

Seith-infant m

Jadale-32 and Accolon-33 Garenil (6 children)

Claudus-11 m

Arla-10 f

Xavia-6 f

Therise-5 f

Sapphira-3 f

Tarlach-infant m



Anrod (old King's brother)-66 and Claissant-63 Kreilun (6 children)

Denira-42 and Gilles-43 Jarevar (5 children)

Astra-19 f

Tam-18 m

Reyott-16 m

Arlanna-12 f

Belloc-8 m

Sabine-40 and Walther-44 Letoshek (5 children)

Ardel-20 and Sabine-16 Letoshek

Cadwyn-17 m

Geirod-15 m

Cerene-14 f

Aylor-11 m

Jaer-38 and Elenwyd-230 (elven) Kreilun (1 child)

Lareth-20 and Silenna-20 Kreilun (both ½ elven)

Jodmar-37 and Bethal-33 Kreilun (5 children)

Denira-16 and Hodge-20 Turgar

Amlaith-13 f

Enton-9 m

Kyrian-8 f

Magnos-6 m

Quint-33 and Evaine-29 Kreilun (6 children)

Marieka-12 f

Dorin-11 m

Garlon-8 m

Gwenelan-4 f

Caedrus-1 m

Pharien- infant m

Kaywen-30 and Raynor-35 Taerun (1 child)

Merla-8 f