Leodak Runehouse

a.k.a. Ostler

Leodak Runehouse is the leader, and founder, of the band of Embermages known as the Fire Drakes. Little else is known about him. He appears to be able to change his appearance almost at will so it is not clear even what race he is. Rumors suggest that he is a gnome, but not even those who claim to have been in the Fire Drakes' inner circle know this to be fact.

Leodak lives, as far as anyone can tell, in the city of Rhoan, a small City-State located high within the Kharnak Mountains. However the "block" where the Fire Drakes live has been inaccessible for many years. People report having seen activity within the block, so it is likely that the Leodak and the Fire Drakes still live there using teleportation magic to get on and off of the block.